Vital Leadership Coaching serves the needs of corporations and businesses, pulling from all the assets of our bricks and mortar company presence in Essex Junction, Vermont. Our skilled cadre of professionals integrate a scalable and robust approach to bringing coaching into the workplace.


Business as usual is over! It's time that leaders shift their thinking to support a 21st Century landscape: One that changes fast, is increasingly complex and presents exponential uncertainty. The typical lens of leadership is insufficient to ensure sustainable success.


Let the A2B Shifter help you look through a new lens. Our highly experiential processes are based on research that produces deeper, more meaningful understanding and implementation in a world of possibility.

Some of the ways in which we can collaborate with you to create with you what’s next...

A2B Tools that:

  • Discipline thinking about self, relationships and business;
  • Open up specific choices about how to respond for richer leadership impact;
  • Create environments for sustainable business;
  • Support and hold people/teams accountable for better bottom line results.

These results can be accelerated through mindfulness training where you can learn through disciplined, experiential self-inquiry to transcend habitual emotional reactivity to create your vision of success.


At Vital Leadership Coaching we are committed to helping leaders retool their thinking to:

  • Beat the mindset of scarce resources;
  • Reduce reactivity that can sabotage progress; 
  • Build keen and compassionate awareness;
  • Be relentlessly committed to what matters most;
  • Be nimble and flexible in choosing and executing strategy;
  • Create what's possible.

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